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Sound Packs for Skype Software


Sound Clip Sets for Your Skype Software Sounds and Events: Add some life and personality to your Skype and VOIP software with our unique fun, theme sets with sounds, a ringer and other wav files, Our set files are named exactly the same as your default Skype VOIP Software sound files, and are ready. to import right into your software

  1. Review, then select any of our VTones Skype Sound Packs for your Skype software.
  2. After purchase, check your email for the download link and click to download your ZIP file.
  3. Once you click on the DOWNLOAD link, select where you want to ‘save’ the sound ZIP you choose today. Locate it, and UNZIP the files to the same folder.
  4. Download and install Skype, or OPEN your Skype software and select TOOLS / OPTIONS / /SOUNDS. Click IMPORT SOUNDS next to My Custom Sounds
  5. Locate our downloaded sounds in the folder where you saved them and select the sound files, or a file from the set you want to import into your Skype. Click OPEN and the sound file will now appear in your My Custom Sounds list window. Repeat for each file.
  6. Once the sound file, OR sound set files have been all imported, (sets are named similar to the default skype names) simply highlight the EVENT you want to assign our sound too within the “Select Which Events Play a Sound” located top left still in sounds
  7. Still highlighted, now select the sound file you want to assign to THAT EVENT in the “Choose Which Sound to Play” window. Repeat the process for all the events until your set has been replaced with our sound set. Done! Yes, it is that easy to use our Skype sounds.
Why settle for the basic default ordinary sound set, when you can give your software some personality. Adding VTones sound sets, sound themes and ringers to your Skype couldn’t be easier. Have fun!

IMPORTANT LEGAL COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We allow download and use of our ringtones and audio content for private use on a SINGLE cellphone, android, tablet, or device. You may NOT IN ANY WAY copy, distribute, modify, sell, share, lend, or license any of our audio and ringtone content. All rights to the content are copyright 2016 and property of VoiceTOONS LLC.

SKYPE DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Skype, or Microsoft and neither entity holds any responsible for the use of these sounds, within your installed Skype, or VOIP software.  Your content is licensed for use on a ‘single’ home, or workplace computer, mac, or laptop. You are not permitted to resell, share, upload, make public, repackage, or redistribute content. Copyright infringement will result in federal prosecution.

Choose a Skype Sound Pack Below


Picture Alert Tones - VTones Picture Mail Alerts

Download some of VTones PicTones. Funny comical ringtone picture alerts and more.

skype software sound clips 

Skype Sound Pack - Drill Sargent

Military home? Have a soldier in your life? Give your Skype sounds a military twist with the Drill Sargent theme.

skype software sound clips 

Skype Sound Pack - Bimbo

Playful, fun and kind of sexy. Our Betty Boop style sound pack is fun for every girl. Download it today.

skype software sound clips 

Skype Sound Pack - Pets

Love your pets? Then our Pet Sound Pack is for you. Get them for your Skype Software today.

skype software sound clips 

Skype Sound Pack - Patriotic USA

Show your proud to be an American and download, then add our Patriotic Sound Pack as your Skype Sounds.

skype software sound clips 

Skype Sound Pack - Beach

Adding our Beach Sound Pack to your Skype Software couldn't be easier. Get it now!

skype software sound clips 

Skype Sound Pack - Clown

Get our Clown Sound Pack for Skype and can give your Skype software a personality.

skype software sound clips 

Skype Sound Pack - Battle

Why settle for the basic ordinary sound set, when you can give your Skype software some Battle Game sounds.