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Download the PetTones Collection featuring
all tones below for only $5.00.

Just Follow These Steps....

1) Listen to our PetTones Collection below.
2) Click BUY NOW and submit payment of US $5.00
3) After payment look for our email with your download link.
4) Click on the link and download your PetTones mp3 ZIP.
5) Extract the ringtones to your computer
6) Sync, drop and drag, or upload them to your cellphone, android or device.
7) Assign a PetTone to any event on your device.

(you do NOT need a paypal account to buy our ringtones)

PET 0001
PET 0002
PET 0003
PET 0004
PET 0005
PET 0006
PET 0007
PET 0008
PET 0009
PET 0010
PET 0011
PET 0012
PET 0013
PET 0014
PET 0015
PET 0016
PET 0017
PET 0018
PET 0019
PET 0020
PET 0021
PET 0022
PET 0023
PET 0024

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Important Notice:
We do NOT require a subscription to download our Best of VTones ringtone volume zips for private use on a single cellphone, or device. However you may NOT copy, distribute, modify, sell, share, or license any of our audio and ringtone content. All rights to the content are copyright 2013 and property of VTones. If you would like to bundle, sell, or redistribute VTones please call our administration office at 970-223-3659 or visit our VTones support page


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